Products and Services

Red Sea Aquarium has over 40 years of experience in handling live tropical fish.

Our products and services are:

  • Export and import of tropical fishes
  • Export and import of aquatic plants
  • Quarantine of fishes

Angel fish

The tropical fish are guranteed alive after 24 hours of air flight transportation. This is because upon receiving the supply of fish, Red Sea Aquarium will quarantine them for a few days before exporting them out. We have excellent quarantine facilities and trained staff to handle the quarantine period of fishes that arrive at our fish farm. We also have strict control on the size and quality of all our exported fish. Thus we ensure that only fishes of the highest quality and best sizes are exported.

Due to our wide range of tropical fish, we are able to sell these products at competitive prices to all our customers. Our specialties are the Discus and Goldfish.

Black Ghost Knife Fish

Quarantine Facilities

More Facilities